As We Grow, You Grow

Our employees are our most valuable asset in furthering our mission of College for All children.

Generous benefits and compensation, along with a commitment to providing every employee resources and support, makes ӰƵ a special place to work.

Generous benefits and compensation, along with a commitment to providing every employee resources and support, makes ӰƵ a special place to work.

See below for an overview of our benefits or download details of the benefits package we offer for Texas, Louisiana, Florida and ӰƵ-U.

Competitive Compensation

At ӰƵ, we realize compensation is an important factor to staff members and we strive to make sure our strategies around compensation not only align to our organization goals but are also effective in rewarding and recognizing the hard work of our staff.

Here are the 2024-25 Teacher Pay Scales by region:
AustinBaton Rouge | Cincinnati | El Paso | Greater Houston | Jacksonville | Permian Basin | Rio Grande ValleySan Antonio | Tampa Bay | Tarrant County

Time Off and Paid Leave

ӰƵ employees enjoy generous paid time off and family leave benefits that enable personal and professional balance and flexibility.

Medical, Dental, Vision

ӰƵ employeesare offered medical, dental, and visioninsurance options varying in plan design,networks, and availability.Each option isorchestrated to meet the unique needs of our staff members and their dependents.Additionally, ӰƵ contributes towards the cost ofmedical coverage each monthٴhelp our staff members save money.

Health & Wellness

We care about our people! For that reason, we promote self-care and provide instrumental resources that support our staff member’s overall health.Throughour wellness-focused tools, employees can activate their health andfeel empowered to live a healthier lifestyle!

Supplemental Health Benefits

Our benefits program includes a plethoraofsupplemental plan options that supportthe financial solvencyofour staff members and their families.Eachplan option isuniquely designed to save or protect staffmembers from financial exposure.

Financial Wellness

Our Financial Wellness Program focuses on educating our staff members on personal financial stewardship, providing resources to support their financial health, and ensuring they are well-prepared to reach their retirement goals.

Professional Growth and Development

An important part of the ӰƵ benefits package is financial support that allows for pre-tax savings on some of the most burdensome lifeexpenses, as well as discounts at the placesouremployees oftenshop.

A commitment to your growth


We are here to support you on your path to success whether you would like to continue your journey at your starting role or move to another. There are opportunities to grow as we grow, like transferring to a new campus or to a new ӰƵ region.


We have systems in place that ensure you succeed in your new role, including comprehensive trainings that build your arsenal of skills to keep you feeling prepared and excited about your work. From instructional to operational, our trainings walk you through different scenarios, giving you the tools you need to handle any situation confidently.


Training doesn’t stop once you are hired, as each day brings a new set of learning experiences. To help support team members in every department, managers and leaders will provide you with resources and valuable feedback—including tips and tricks from their own experience—in order to help you grow in your new role. You’ll also have the opportunity to provide your managers with feedback to reinforce your team effectiveness.


The rewards are limitless when you join a team of individuals dedicated to positivity in professional culture and a belief in the strength of skills you possess. Upon reaching goals and growing as a content master in your field, you have the ability to qualify for promotions to different roles across the ӰƵ network both at the campus level and at our regional headquarters.

Where do you see yourself at ӰƵ?



Our instructional teams exemplify our unwavering, organization belief that a college education is possible for all children.



We believe that passionate, disciplined leaders make all the difference in the success of our students and the teams they manage.



Whether you work at HQ in Weslaco, TX, our offices across ӰƵ’s regions or remotely, a position on the HQ team is important and rewarding.



It takes hundreds of people working hard behind the scenes to make sure that our students, teachers and school leaders are successful.

Open Positions

Please click below to view all current vacancies and for the 2023-24 school year. Within the application, you can indicate if you want to be considered for the current school year as well. These positions will be updated weekly. We recommend reading each job description carefully to ensure you are applying for the role you are best suited for.