ӰƵ Farm Program


Welcome! The ӰƵ CNP Farm Program is comprised of a network of twelve diverse educational farms located in Texas and Louisiana practicing regenerative agricultural echniques. Our team promotes each student’s connection to the Earth and supports wholistic health and well-being through good nutrition and environmental stewardship. That is why it is our mission to cultivate wholesome food for our school cafeterias, teach responsible stewardship, and ignite the student spirit.

Picture of the members of the ӰƵ Farm Team in July of 2022


The ӰƵ Farm Program grows food using sustainable practices and eco-friendly inputs for ӰƵ’ cafeterias. To date, we have grownover 100,000 pounds of produce on our farms,all ofwhich havemade their way intohundreds of thousands of meals for students.

In order topositivelychange the food system,perceptions about food, andpopulationhealth in a sustainable way,the Farm Program recognizes the needto teach and empowertoday’s youth.By participatingin every aspect of the food-growing processvia a project-based curricula,ӰƵ Public School students becomeagents of change in theirlocal and global food systems.

Gardening at Home

Video two in the Gardening at Home video series. This week Deborah Ray from ӰƵ Edgemere in El Paso shows us how to tell the difference between annuals and perennials and why that matters. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to ӰƵ Farm Program’s channel on YouTube. If there are any topics you’d like to see, go ahead drop in your suggestions in the comments.

Our Program Principles

  1. Usescientifically validated pedagogical practicesthat aligndevelopmentally with each student
  2. Facilitate socio-emotional learningopportunities
  3. Teach and implementsustainable and regenerative farming practices
  4. Increase wildlife diversity on the farms
  5. Promoteculturally sensitiveopportunitiesfornutrition accessandeducation
  6. Encouragecritical thinking to find local solutions to global issues

MEET our Team

Deborah Ray

CNP Director of Farms ӰƵ HQ ELPA

Rocio Hernandez

CNP Farm Manager RGV

Stephanie Patillo

CNP Farm Manager SA & TACO

Genna Shaia

CNP Farm Manager ELPA, AUST & EBTR


Jaime DeAnda

CNP Farmer ӰƵ Donna

Pending Hire

CNP Farmer ӰƵ Quest

Pricilla Carbajal

CNP Farmer ӰƵ San Benito

Eduardo Terrazas

CNP Assistant Farm Manager ӰƵ San Benito

Jordan Roney

CNP Farmer ӰƵ Elsa

Taylor Snowden

CNP Assistant Farmer ӰƵ Elsa

San Antonio & Tarrant County

Pending Hire

CNP Farmer ӰƵ Eastside

Elva Mendez

CNP Assistant Farmer ӰƵ Eastside

Hector Rivera

CNP Farmer ӰƵ Burke

Valerie Reed

CNP Farmer ӰƵ Achieve

Maria Medina

CNP Assistant Farmer ӰƵ Achieve

Renea Garcia

CNP Farmer ӰƵ Monterrey Park

Austin, El Paso & EBTR "TXLA"

Danesha Shepherd

CNP Farmer ӰƵ Bridge

Denise Garcia

CNP Farmer ӰƵ Edgemere

Pending Hire

CNP Assistant Farmer ӰƵ Edgemere

Thomas Hernandez

CNP Farmer ӰƵ Horizon Vista

Carlos Jimenez

CNP Farmer ӰƵ Rundberg

Coming Soon to the ӰƵ Achieve Farm!

Thanks to a generous donation from Green Mountain Energy Sun Club, during the Fall of 2022 we will launch our first Hydroponic Farm in Tarrant County at ӰƵ Achieve! This unit will supply 5 acres worth of leafy greens and herbs in a 40-foot shipping container, and will facilitate countless opportunities for the applied learning of STEM in the context of agriculture.


Farm Photo5
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