Student Technology

Our Mission

Student technology supports our mission of preparing students for college and beyond.

As schools continue to evolve to meet the needs of modern society, ӰƵ is strengthening its commitment to achieving academic excellence by providing instructional technology resources for all scholars enrolled at ӰƵ. Our 1 to 1 program ensures every 3rd to 12th grade ӰƵ scholar is issued a Windows or Chromebook device at no cost to families. Additionally, our K-12 classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate devices and digital tools to create engaging learning environments. This includes access to Microsoft Office 365 Education apps, individualized learning apps, internet access and technical support.

Student Account Access

Scholars can use their Microsoft student account and password to easily log in to their device and learning apps in Clever.

Start Learning on Any Device

Username: Student ID# @ideastudent.org


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Student Equipment

ӰƵ aims to leverage computer access to help students maximize learning opportunities, close the homework gap, and develop skills critical to their success in a technology-centered world. ӰƵ scholars are issued technology equipment appropriate for their age to support the seamless delivery of quality instruction.


Kinder - 2nd

Daily classroom access to Chromebook or similar device


3rd - 8th

1:1 Chromebook 2-in-1
or similar device.


9th - 12th

1:1 Windows Laptop
or similar device.

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Individualized Learning Apps

Ourindividualized learningprograms contribute to our mission by providing access to instructional technology resources that encouragethe development of lifelong learning skills such asself-agency,self-regulation,self-efficacy, problem solving, and social engagement.​

Student Guides

Internet Safety

Internet safety is crucial to protect children from the potential risks they may encounter online. At ӰƵ Public Schools, we are dedicated to providing a secure online learning environment for our students. We also believe it is important for parents and caregivers to take an active role in ensuring their children’s safety. We urge you to have open and honest conversations with your children about responsible online behavior and recommend using parental controls and monitoring tools to limit access to harmful websites and apps. By working together, we can ensure that our children are able to enjoy the benefits of the internet while staying safe.

Student and Family Resources

Student Home Internet Access

We know having reliable internet access is essential for learning, communication, and overall well-being. ӰƵ recommends the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program to help households afford home internet services.